I have had the pleasure of working with some really fabulous ladies in the industry and Jackie is definitely one of them. We formally met during our Initiative days as we tackled industry POVs centered on transparency, audience verification and brand safety.  We quickly connected and still to this day remain very close friends.  She won Agency Person of the Year for 2017 , so it should be no surprised that she was nominated to be part of Pose&Focus Vol.3.  If you want to know how to turn an idea into a job of a lifetime keep on reading folks...lots of good stuff here! 

Subject: Jackie Stasi, SVP, Client Lead on Annapurna Pictures at Canvas.  Creative Team:  Photographer Lin Marty Photography, Hair/MUA Brenna Schaefer, creative assistant Maritza Mendez

Subject: Jackie Stasi, SVP, Client Lead on Annapurna Pictures at Canvas. Creative Team: Photographer Lin Marty Photography, Hair/MUA Brenna Schaefer, creative assistant Maritza Mendez

For those that are not familiar with the industry, please provide a description of what you do. My team and I help determine where to place advertising in order to be effective in reaching a target audience. With the end goal of driving people to see our client’s movies. Or as one of my colleagues once said, “I buy air” haha

How did you first become interested in advertising? I’m very grateful for my time in this industry but I’m not entirely sure I ever had that pivotal moment where I decided this was what I wanted to do. I just sort of fell into it after working in other areas of entertainment.

What is one unexpected expectation/duty of your job that most wouldn’t know? So much of what you do as you become more senior in this business, is managing people and problems. It’s not all creative ideation around how to market movies. If you don’t foster a positive culture your team won’t likely be inspired to deliver and perform. Be there for them and they’ll be there for you.

What are the top pressures in your position? To help our clients be successful in opening their films and help my agency grow and prosper. That’s not always an easy balance.

What personal traits do you contribute to your success? I genuinely care about people. Which makes management of people far more personally taxing. When you’re invested in people and their happiness leaving work at the office is not always easy. But it also creates human connections that last beyond the span of a particular job.

Any big success stories that stand out the most when looking back at your career journey thus far? I used to work at an agency 4 years ago, where my boss/the founder of the agency, invested in a business idea that I pitched him, which was to start an agency focused on reaching female consumers. He believed in me enough that he invested in the business and let me leave my job to start and run the new agency for him. My first client was Oprah’s company OWN and we were hired to market her new website. After that my second win was working with one of my best friends promoting the Meredith Viera show for NBC. No job will ever compare to having your own business and winning projects with such high profile, strong female names in media. I’ll always cherish that time.

What was your professional highlight within the last year? Winning agency person of the year was very flattering and meaningful.

What was your first gig in the industry and what were the steps you took to get hired? 20 years ago I moved to LA to manage promo scheduling for FX. Not a craft I stuck with but it gave me a solid foundation for how to place marketing elements in front of audiences at the right time! You never know what some of your early jobs will teach you that can be transferable. Every door that opens is an opportunity to learn and grow if you’re willing to spend time learning different things.

What advice would you give women who are thinking of working in the industry? Find a role that fulfills you intellectually – you’ll spend more time thinking about work and being at work than you’ll anticipate. Be kind and fair, even when it’s hard, and try to leave every company in a better place then when you started.

What has changed in the industry from when you first started out? Is this change good or bad? Everything haha! When I first started digital consisted of two partners AOL and Yahoo! Now it’s changing the world.

When starting out, any mistakes you learned from that you would like to share? Work hard. Today everyone expects to be promoted before they’ve put in the time.

How do you manage a healthy routine between personal and work responsibilities? As I’ve gotten older my personal life and time with my family has become my priority. I’ve made changes to move into a role where I’m not traveling, not working early mornings and weekends and have no commute to work. My career trajectory is no longer about title and seniority but more about balance and lifestyle. It’s not always easy, but having boundaries is important for happiness. Jobs come and go, hopefully your loved ones don’t.

In moments of self-doubt, how do you pick up and keep moving forward? Coffee and wine haha! I’d be lost without my two vices. And my husband is a great listener and always gives me sage advice. I also save nice notes people send me – I have tons that I’ve archived over the years. When you’re feeling low it’s nice to comb through notes that remind you that you matter to people and have an impact.

With just three adjectives, describe yourself. Reliable, real, impatient

What is one interesting thing about you that most people don’t know? When I was 12 my dad was an executive at MTV so my childhood in NY was a lot of fun – I went to the very first VMA’s with my dad and wore my first pair of high heels which broke at the after party. David Lee Roth from Van Halen came to my aid and fixed my heel so I could walk. That may have been the moment I got hooked on entertainment lol.

What does the word “success“ mean to you? It sounds cheesy but having friends, loved ones and a career you can be proud of. Knowing you can pay your bills and have some $ to enjoy life a little doesn’t hurt but it’s not everything.

Do you think success comes from luck or skill? Probably a little luck but you can’t sustain any kind of career without skill. Media is not a discipline you can fake.

What are your go to resources for inspiration? I don’t get it from typical places like conferences or reading the trades. Taking time away from my desk is critical. I get inspiration for what I want in my life and career by spending time away from it. I get clarity with rest and a change of scenery.

In this industry we have a lot of exposure to great restaurants. What is your #1

recommended restaurant in Los Angeles right now? And what menu items are a must? I don’t enjoy long, heavy dinners at formal restaurants. A sushi dinner at SugarFish getting a Trust Me and some unfiltered sake always makes me happy.

What is one thing in Los Angeles you have been dying to do/try? I’ve never taken the boat to Catalina, never done the Baldwin Hills stairs and I want to attend an LAFC game!

Los Angeles Rapid Fire Qs: 

  • The Grove or Americana? Never been to the Americana so I’ll go Grove
  • Santa Monica Pier or LA Arts District? SaMo
  • The Hollywood Bowl or Greek Theatre? Bowl
  • 405 or the 101? 405 for sure
  • Lakers or Clippers? I only watch soccer lol
  • Rodeo Drive or Melrose Ave? Neither. Bloomingdale’s works for me.
  • Shutters or Terranea? Definitely Terranea
  • Happy Place or Getty Museum? Happy Place!

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