My New Portrait Series! Pose & Focus, Women in Advertising

I’ve always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.
— Gloria Vanderbilt.

Late last year I decided that I wanted to do something positive with my skills as a photographer. I knew it had to be a portrait series centered around woman and how we can empower each other to succeed, but how I would execute this series was a mystery. I went back and forth on all these ideas until I felt this undeniable force to focus on the women within the advertising industry.  This became even more apparent when earlier this summer I made the decision to pursue photography full-time leaving my role as a VP, Director at a major media advertising firm. 

For almost 15 years I have had the pleasure of learning, mentoring and being inspired by some really kickass women in the advertising industry. However, what really saddened me was the lack of women representation in leadership and within the trades compared to our male counterparts. Now now, before some people bring out their pitchforks, let me make this very clear...this isn't going to be a negative series bashing men.  I've had some really great male bosses and co-workers that I learned a lot from, so I don't want to discredit their contribution to my success. I'm just sharing some insight into why I created this series and why it is important to me. I totally live by the saying, 'I don't need you to lose in order for me to win.'  Meaning I want to keep this portrait series 100% positive to uplift women.  So with all are probably thinking....Lin get to the effing point! What is this series about?  

This portrait series is a collection of interviews and portraits that highlight professional #girlbosses in the advertising industry. The imagery is a creative portrayal of who they are beyond the corporate meetings, events, and brands they work with. Their stories will be honest, comical and real that look to inspire all females within the industry to thrive. All creative direction, handcrafted pieces and photography are done by me.  I decided to call my series Pose & Focus since its a direct link to photography and the action of focusing on these women.  Vol.1 will officially launch on Monday, so please keep a look out.  I cannot wait to share this all with you and for you to meet these awesome women!

I want to end this by thanking the ladies of Vol.1 who believed in me and joined me on this journey without really knowing what to expect.  They said yes to my project without hesitation and for that I am forever thankful. 

Until next time, be cool.



ATTENTION: Although Vol.1 has not officially launched, I am already taking nominations for Vol.2.  Spots are limited, so if you know someone or want to nominate yourself, send me an email, DM or leave a comment below including name and a short reason why. I am covering all departments within advertising, so account management, buyers, sales, creative, IT, social, production - you name it! Unfortunately this is all produced in Los Angeles, so for now all female nominees must be part of the Greater Los Angeles advertising community.