Anchor FM...the Snapchat of Audio

Although the app has been around for over a year, Anchor FM recently had an update and its all the chatter on private FB Groups and social media blogs.  So what is Anchor FM...its a completely free app that allows you to create and share professional audio clips, similar to a podcast, that disappears after 24 hours.  It was updated a few months back with new fun tools and options to include music from iTunes and Spotify (note: listeners must have a subscription to hear the full song. For non-subscribers they'll only hear a small clip).  I downloaded the app literally two days ago and played around with it and these are the three things I know thus far.  

  1. Its really easy to use.  You can record something by talking into the phone as if you are on a call or push the red plus button at the bottom and just start talking.  If you want to interview someone you can just call them and the audio will pick up and record if desired (with their permission of course)
  2. There is already a solid community.  There are tons of stations already and you can easily search or navigate through their categories, which includes News, Entertainment, Learn Something, Music, Life, Gaming, Sports, Tech, YouTubers, Mindfulness & Motivation, Business, and Hear Something New.
  3. Secure your name, even if you are unsure you will use it.  Remember that time when you couldn't get that username you wanted on Instagram or Snapchat...yeah me too...just download the app and secure your name and URL. It takes minutes and you'll have peace of mind.

If you decide to download the app and you want a buddy, I secured the name Camera Lenses N Paint Brushes.  I am currently ideating on what I plan to talk about and share, so more to come on that later.  At the moment I don't think I'll be using it everyday, but then again I share random sh!t on IG stories and Snapchat I guess you never know.

Also, disclaimer I was supposed to post about Mobile Apps to Create Fun Instagram Stories this week, but I had issues with recording my yeah that will have to wait for another day. 

Until next time, be cool.




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