My Weekly Skincare Routine

I told you some of my posts will be random.  Today is about my skincare routine, since people have been asking.

I am the first one to admit that I have been completely obsessed with skincare since I turned 30 years old.  After turning 30 I made it a habit to get a professional facial once a month.  Yes that is correct, for more than 5 years I have consistently had facials on a monthly basis.  With the exception of 4 months, my record is pretty solid.  I also started a very strict weekly routine.  The routine has adjusted along the way, but the below chart is what is looks like right now.  If I've had a rough week I'll sometimes throw in an extra face mask in the rotation.  For the days I schedule my facial, I skip the evening ritual. Just recently I started to drink the daily recommended amount of water. I'll let you all know how that goes, but to be honest I have to pressure myself to drink water. I am weird and rarely get thirsty, but I know water is excellent for keeping your skin hydrated among other benefits.

So the chart below is very very simple and I didn't mention actual products - with the exception of devices. I am always changing my brands up, but the basis of the products remain the same regardless of seasonality.  I am very fair, so I always apply SPF for the day and I always remove my makeup in the evenings.  Serum is my best friend and you cannot forget the eyes.  After using my PMD personal microderm, I make sure to be gentle with my face the following day.  I do this by avoiding scrubs and usage of my Clarisonic. I want clean and healthy skin. I don't want to rip off my face!


Some people may think this is an insane routine and that is okay.  If this is too much, then pare it down to something realistic for you, but don't skip the SPF.  Lastly, you don't need to be 30+ to start a healthy skincare routine.  The earlier you start the better. 

Until next time, be cool.



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