4 Basic Camera Settings to Improve Your iPhone Photography

For today's post I thought I would share some top level iPhoneography camera setting* basics. By using these simple tricks you will be amazed how much your photos will improve.  Try these out and let me know what you think.

1. Grid: Turn on your grid. Use the grid to create interesting lines and guide your compositions and straight horizon. In the beginning adhere to the rule of thirds; that way later you’ll know enough to not be confined by the rules. How: Go to Settings -> Photos & Camera -> Grid.

2. Manual Focus: This allows the focal point to be on the intended subject/thing versus letting your phone do the guesswork. How: It’s very simple.  When the camera is open tap on the screen against the intended area you wish to focus on.  From there the camera will auto-focus in that area.

3. Shift Exposure: Once focus is completed, you can adjust your image exposure (ensure image is properly lit).  This is needed when foreground or background is over or under exposed. How: Once in focus, place your finger on the sun icon, swipe your finger up or down to adjust exposure as desired.

4. Auto Exposure/Auto Focus (AE/AF) Lock: Ever take multiple angles of the same shot? This is great for locking exposure and focus during a short photo session. How: Tap your screen for 1 continuous second on the intended area to focus.  The AE/AF Lock icon will appear.  Adjust exposure as desired and the setting will lock.  Shoot photos.  Once session is completed, single tap your screen to turn AE/AF Lock off.


Until next time, be cool.




*Note: This goes for all iPhone generations 6s and beyond. 

Linda Fernandez