My Top 4 Podcasts for Girl Bosses

Anyone who know me, knows I am obsessed with Podcasts. I jumped on that bandwagon way before it was trendy.   I love learning from people through their stories and day to day conversations, so its no surprise I would gravitate towards this medium.  Although I literally listen to dozens of podcasts, today I am going to share my top 4 for #girlbosses in no particular order.

She Means Business, with Carrie Green: I have been following Carrie Green for years now and am a member of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA), so it is no surprise when she launched her podcast I became an instant fan.  The She Means Business Podcast brings together stories of female entrepreneurs from around the world who are following their passion and building their dream businesses. Its a mixture of interviews as well as quick tips Carrie pulls from her book of the same name. 

Being Boss: Emily and Kathleen are my very good friends, they just don't know it...yet.  They are hilarious, raw, honest and down right real about starting a business and what it takes to make bank.  They interview bosses, provide tips on how to monetize your passion projects, motive and inspire, and provide insight into their own personal challenges running multiple businesses, while balancing family and friends. I can listen to them all day and recently started following them on IG.

GirlBoss Radio, with Sophia Amoruso: This podcast has been on hiatus for 2017, but there is still some great archived episodes going back to September 2015.  My hope is 2017 is only on hiatus due to the girlboss rally or Netflix show and new episodes will launch soon.  This podcast is 100% centered around female entrepreneurs and their stories on how they hit success. Its a Q&A format with hilarious and sometimes serious side commentary.  Sophia's approach to interviewing in unconventional and entertaining.  Additionally, within each weekly show Sophia reads out  #girlbossmoment from her listeners.  I felt super special when she read out mine during this episode (11:05 mark) with Ai-jen Poo, Director National Domestic Workers Alliance.

The Broad Experience: This podcast is more serious than the others as it tackles some of the big issues women face in the workplace.  It takes a unique look at topics not many other news outlets or podcasts cover.  Sure there are episodes about equal pay in the workplace, but it tackles deeper issues, like pressures women put on each other in the workplace, women who are care takers for other women, women in predominantly male industries such as construction, women of color, class and career and dare we discuss leaning back vs leaning in. It is truly a one-woman show lead by Ashley Milne-Tyte, so if you give it a listen don't hesitate to donate if you can here.

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Until next time, be cool.





Linda Fernandez