Lin Marty's Anti-Theme

Over the course of the past few months I have been ideating around the "theme" of my blog. So much advice I received to date told me to pick a niche.  Focus.  Stick to one subject.  With all this same advice I became frustrated, unmotivated and down right stressed out. If you recall my interview with Pink Productions Here, you'll know this was not an easy task for me.   How can I write about one subject, being a multipotentialite? I have so much to share about photography, media strategy and buying, leadership skills, writing, and funny stories with family and friends that the thought of eliminating any of those categories made me cringe.  I love to knowledge share to anyone who will listen and I genuinely am fulfilled when I can help others. So...I decided to throw the riches in the niches attitude out the window and instead will write about a ton of subjects. Yes that is my theme. A theme that rejects the essence of a theme. It's an anti-theme.  I look forward to you all joining me on this journey as you get a look into my multipotentialite brain. It will at first look like a bowl of scramble eggs, but collectively it will be a beautiful omelette. 

Until next time, be cool.


Lin Marty 

Linda Fernandez